Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tests approved.

Violent Gorge/Sete Star Sept 5" tests approved, hopefully out in time for Violent Gorge's midwest tour, definitely in time for Sete Star Sept's. Go and see both.

PDM releases:

Mustache Mincers 10"
Archagathus/Onanizer 7"
Black Hole of Calcutta - Self-titled 7"
Neon Hole/Suffering Mind 7"
Knifethruhead/Casket Blaster 7"
Repulsione/Terror of Dynamite Attack 7"


Agathocles/Sete Star Sept
Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu
Six Brew Bantha - S/T
Sete Star Sept/Generic Death




Archagathus/Maximum Thrash
Extreme Smoke 57/H-Incident
New York Against the Belzebu - If You Want Noise (flexi)
THC/Happy Birthday
Misanthropic Noise/Pizzahifive
Archagathus/Six Brew Bantha
Rupture/Necrocannabalistic Vomitorium
Enemy Soil live flexi
Hip Cops/Gate
Lt. Dan/Maximum Thrash
Disgusted - Rotting Within the Flesh
Lord Green - Higher Than God
Obesif Compulsif/Shaolin Finger Jabb
Agathocles/Violent Gorge
Godstomper/Barbarian Lord
Rupture/Brody's Militia


Atomgevitter - Thrash Ritual
Lunge - Mixtape
Violent Gorge/Misanthropic Noise
Sete Star Sept/Holiday Suckers
Hiroshima Vacation
Ustat tour 2011
10-way grind split
Plerosis/Rectal Twat
SMG/Countless Graves
Unholy Grave - Revoltage
Kung Fu Rick - Motivation to Abuse
Slight Slappers - Vinyl Collection 1995-2000
Tinner - You Wanted the Best, You Got the Worst
Verge on Reason - Grind Over Malaysia


Sete Star Sept - Live in Baltimore CD
I Hate This Dystopia

Standing on a Floor of Bodies - S/T


Invocation of Obscene Gods #2 (Furze, Minch, Sockeye, Jason Wade, Pizzahifive, Gorgonized Dorks and more)
Invocation of Obscene Gods #3 (CSMD, Skullhog, Pile of Eggs, Autopsy)

The Barricade Issue #2 (local, old interviews with Lt. Dan, Pizzahifive and Paucities)
The Barricade Issue #3 (again local, I talk about cooking and local scene politics, review some shit, Palestinian solidarity)

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