Thursday, September 11, 2014

Distro update/News 9/10

Exacerbacion - Desastre Humano 7" is working its way through Gotta Groove right now. Had initially planned on going through Archer, but their lack of communication forced my hand. I don't anticipate there being a drop in quality, just a matter of wanting to be consistent I suppose. You Pose, But Why? #2 has  begun the layout process, though I imagine it will still be a ways off. Shitnoise Bastards/The Lowest Animal tapes are dwindling, get one now, or  cry when they're being resold later for exactly the same (or lower) price. The Lowest Animal - Stoned Ape tapes should come shortly after, or another noisecore release from us. Few distro updates, classic Gerogerigegege record scooped up from the label who had been sitting on some since he pressed it in 94. Test - Arabe Macabre tapes as well, if you missed them on their recent US sojourn, you fucked up, but this discography tape is going to be the next best thing.

PDM releases:

You Pose, But Why? #1 Zine/Flexi 7" (Sete Star Sept, Shitnoise Bastards, The Oily Menace, Exacerbacion)
Mustache Mincers 10"
Black Hole of Calcutta - Self-titled 7"
Neon Hole/Suffering Mind 7"
Knifethruhead/Casket Blaster 7"
Repulsione/Terror of Dynamite Attack 7"
The Lowest Animal/Shitnoise Bastards tape


Have Fun - S/T
Grunt - Total Disgust
Agathocles/Sete Star Sept
Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu
Coffins - Sewage Sludgecore Treatment 




The Gerogerigegege - Senzuri Fight Back
Agathocles/Gorgonized Dorks
Black Magic SS - Panzerwitch
Unholy Grave - Unholy Warfare
Abuse - A New Low
Short Walk/Lifes
Archagathus/Jeffrey Dahmer
Lt. Dan/Archagathus

Violent gorge/dispepsiaa
Baixo Calao/Sram
Sete Star Sept/Madre Coca

CSMD/New York Against the Belzebu
Self Inflicted/Sidetracked
CSMD - Live from Alpha Centauri flexi
The Kill/Mortalized
Gowl - Buzzbox
Archagathus/Maximum Thrash
Extreme Smoke 57/H-Incident
New York Against the Belzebu - If You Want Noise (flexi)
THC/Happy Birthday
Misanthropic Noise/Pizzahifive
Rupture/Necrocannabalistic Vomitorium
Disgusted - Rotting Within the Flesh
Lord Green - Higher Than God
Obesif Compulsif/Shaolin Finger Jabb
Godstomper/Barbarian Lord
Rupture/Brody's Militia


Test - Arabe Macabre

Onanizer - ansikte mot ansikt
Rottingrex/Camphora Monobromata
Sete Star Sept - Live Atrocity

Sedem Minut Strachu - 1st Live Demo 2012
V/A - What the Heck is a Jiggawatt?!
Atomgevitter - Thrash Ritual
10-way grind split (SMG, Gorgonized dorks, yacopsae and more)
SMG/Countless Graves

Kung Fu Rick - Motivation to Abuse
Slight Slappers - Vinyl Collection 1995-2000
Tinner - You Wanted the Best, You Got the Worst
Verge on Reason - Grind Over Malaysia


Sete Star Sept - Messenger From the Darkness
Sete Star Sept - Live in Baltimore CD
I Hate This Dystopia (spoken word)

Standing on a Floor of Bodies - S/T


Excess and Moral Decay issue #1 (weird comics from local artist Mike Miller)
Invocation of Obscene Gods #2 (Furze, Minch, Sockeye, Jason Wade, Pizzahifive, Gorgonized Dorks and more)
Invocation of Obscene Gods #3 (CSMD, Skullhog, Pile of Eggs, Autopsy)

The Barricade Issue #2 (local, old interviews with Lt. Dan, Pizzahifive and Paucities)
The Barricade Issue #3 (again local, I talk about cooking and local scene politics, review some shit, Palestinian solidarity)