Monday, January 2, 2012

Hairy Mince Maniacs

Artwork for Mustache Mincers comp, get ready to fucking rage!

Trade coming in from CORE records in Russia soon, with Archagathus/Camphora Monobromata, Violent Gorge and CSMD tapes!

PDM releases:

Archagathus/Onanizer 7"
Black Hole of Calcutta - Self-titled 7"
Neon Hole/Suffering Mind 7"
Knifethruhead/Casket Blaster 7"
Repulsione/Terror of Dynamite Attack 7"


Lt. Dan/Maximum Thrash
Kali/Ultimate Blowup
Disgusted - Rotting Within the Flesh
Lord Green - Higher Than God
Obesif Compulsif/Shaolin Finger Jabb
Agathocles/Violent Gorge
Godstomper/Barbarian Lord
Nab - Collage Di Un Delirio
Mindless - Human Conditioning
Rupture/Brody's Militia


Ustat tour 2011 tape
10-way grind split
Music is Our Weapon comp tape
Plerosis/Rectal Twat

Now Playing/reading (as if anyone cares):

John Zorn Moonchild Trio - discography
Consider the Lobster - David Foster Wallace
The Society of the Spectacle - Guy Debord